Lead Counsel

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The CISDL Lead Counsels are dynamic, energetic leaders from many regions of the world with strong international legal, scholarly and professional experience in the field of sustainable development. With the Director, they form the principal scholarly decision-making body within CISDL, when gathered in plenary at the CISDL Annual Meeting. They are each in charge of a research program in the CISDL. As such, they develop, direct and administer their legal programmes, including conducting research, organising publications, coordinating consultation processes with international bodies and governments, and working with students and research fellows.

Currently, the CISDL Lead Counsels are:

Prof. Sumudu Atapattu,
Sri Lanka, Human Rights and Poverty Eradication
Prof. Jorge Cabrera,
Costa Rica, Biodiversity and Biosafety
Dr. Markus Gehring
Germany, Trade, Investment and Finance 
Dr. Maya Prabhu,
Canada, Health and Hazards
Prof. Konstantia Koutouki,
Canada, Natural Resources
Prof. Valentina Duran Medina,
Chile, Governance, Institutions, & Accountability
Dr. Robert Kibugi
Kenya, Climate Change
Dr. Alexandra Harrington
USA, Cross-Cutting Issues  



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